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November 12, 2020
Virtual Conference (Zoom)
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Sensational Speaker Line-up

We've got another fantastic lineup of speakers from the Tri-Cities! With keynotes from the TCPE Excellence Award Winner, ETSU, and the McClaskey Excellence Institute you'll learn a lot!

David McClaskey


McClaskey Excellence Institute

Deborah Harley-McClaskey

Associate Professor

East Tennessee State University

Best Regional Conference

For more than 60 years, TCQF has provided role-model performance excellence practices to Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.


Our half-day, virtual conference is designed to accommodate the busy executive and professional. Three keynotes speakers ensures there is something everyone can use on the job! And you are done by lunch time!”

November 12, 2020

09:00  -  09:10
9:10  -  10:00

Keynote 1: NHC South Central Region 2019 TCPE Excellence Award Winner

NHC South Central Region (SCR) has implemented a customer-focused approach that begins with its strong leadership system, this has been deployed across its region and is integrated throughout its work processes. Learn how Excellence Award winner NHC South Central Region implemented the Baldrige Excellence Framework throughout their organization. About NHC South Central Region: NHC South […]

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10:10  -  11:00

Keynote 2: Strength Finder: Developing Teams and Companies

Gallup’s Strengths assessment is well known for the answers to the question it gives individuals “What are you good at?” “What do you want to do each day?” What if we posed those questions to the teams in your organizations? What if this knowledge was part of your strategic plan? Incorporating Strengths assessment into your […]

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11:10  -  12:00

Keynote 3: Sustaining the Gain: Role Model Practices for Keeping the Improvements

Would you like to know one of the key things extraordinary companies do that significantly differentiates them ordinary companies? A practice that every company can use. At the McClaskey Excellence Institute, we teach the key practices of taking your business from ordinary to extraordinary operations in our “Achieving World-Class Results” class.  This presentation will discuss […]

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A conference for the whole team

A full set of topics in just a half day? It's true and we designed it that way to be accessible to the busy professional and all their colleagues.

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