November 14, 2019

Implementing a High Reliability Organization 11:15  -  12:00 Implementing a High Reliability Organization Room 219

Implementing a High Reliability Organization

Dr. David S. Hecht

Mountain Home VA Health Care System has a long standing history of using performance excellence to systematically improve. MHVAHCS has won: VA’s Cary Award, TNCPE Level 3 Achievement Award, (others as appropriate)

HRO Initiative: MHVSHCS is one of 18 national high reliability organization (HRO) pilots with the objective of transforming the nation’s largest integrated health care system into a high reliability organization (HRO).

HROs put procedures and protocols in place that maximize safety and minimize harm, which in the medical industry assures every patient receives excellent care, every time. Research shows high reliability organizations experience fewer accidents despite being high-risk environments where small errors can produce catastrophic results.

Session Category :  Health Care Track