Leadership by Quality – An executive action guide to achieving enduring excellence and social responsibility

There is much discussion about Quality 4.0 and Social Responsibility these days. How should they influence a quality management system? If you are in a position to advise your organization’s leader what would you tell them needs to be accomplished? In this presentation Dr. Watson will expand upon his series of 18 webinars as delivered to the ASQ Quality Management Division since the pandemic began in February 2020. These monthly webinars probed the fundamental modern interpretation of the concept of “Managing for Quality” based on the combined ideas of Juran, Deming, and Ishikawa and interpreted them in the light of the disrupting turbulence that is arising from the increasing application of digital technologies as they creep in to our daily personal and working lives. In this presentation Dr. Watson will put himself in your place and go through a thinking process and conversation that almost every quality professional will need to have in the coming years. This will give you an opportunity to consider: how will you advise your own management team to cope with the turmoil that is coming to technology and humanity as a result of this transformation?